How to Select a Great Physiotherapist

Have you been injured, or do you have an illness or disability that causes ongoing physical pain or loss of movement? There are many amongst us who suffer from these conditions and you need medical help in order to improve their situation. If you do suffer in this way, chances are you need the services of a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy is a medical field that helps restore movement and function, and eliminates pain in someone who is injured, ill, or has a disability. Physiotherapy treatments can also assist in reducing risk of injury in the future.

A physiotherapist is typically recommended by a medical doctor or surgeon who has treated a patient that has musculoskeletalproblems. This medical professional works with patients by providing a rehabilitation plan to get them back to good health. A physiotherapist utilizes physiotherapy exercises, tools, and strategies that makeup the rehabilitation plan.

When someone is injured to the point that they need to see a physiotherapist, they are also likely anxious, frustrated and nervous about entrusting their health to someone with whom they have no relationship. It is true that like with any profession, there are some great physiotherapists like the ones who work with Health 2U Physiotherapy. But there are also others who are not so great. Here’s some things to look for when you are in need of a physiotherapist.

They are Interested in You

You will spend a lot of time with your physiotherapist. Some of the time you spend will be good times with great progress being made and excitement about your rehabilitation. There will be other times where you’ll be frustrated and in pain and not making much progress. Through all of these times, your physiotherapist needs to be able to keep you motivated and focused on getting healthy.

A primary approach to doing this is showing a real interest in who you are as a person, and your goals, and finding motivators to keep you going. The physiotherapist must be a great communicator and be able to build a great relationship with you. You can recognize this type of person instantly. They have an excitement for what they do, and are very interested in serving you well. These are qualities you should look for when interviewing physiotherapists.

They Never Get Down on You

Being a physiotherapist is challenging because you must constantly stay positive and motivated about your clients. Your physiotherapist should never give up or get down on you. There may be times when you have to try certain exercises dozens of times before you can do them correctly. There will also be times when you are in pain and not wanting to continue. Your physiotherapist should understand your mental state and find ways to keep you moving towards better health. This positive attitude will be a primary factor for your rehabilitation’s success.

They are Firm Yet Fair

Your physiotherapist will be your coach, your psychiatrist, and sometimes your taskmaster. Depending on what part of your rehabilitation you are in, the physiotherapist may play one or all of these roles. Getting you from your current condition to a healthy one requires a firm hand. Your physiotherapist must be tough and always ready to push you when you are not prepared to push yourself.

However your physical therapist should also understand that each patient has his own limits and that sometimes it is better to back away for a short period of time instead of pushing while getting diminishing returns. Understanding when to push or back away comes from paying close attention to the patient and from years of experience. You should look for this wisdom in your physiotherapist.

Picking the right physiotherapist will make all the difference in the quality of your rehabilitation.  If you pick the right physiotherapist, the relationship that you build will be one that will likely create a bond that will last for a lifetime.