The demand for paper writing services continues to increase as days goes by. Many students are turning to seek essay writing services to help them write essays throughout their coursework. Many essay writing services have been created. There is also a rise in the number of independent providers of these essay writing services. Independent writers are writers who are hired by their clients without the use of a freelancing website. The clients discuss what they want from them directly. Once the client’s work gets done, they pay the writers through the agreed method of payment.

How independent providers of essay writing services work

There are many ways in which independent providers of paper writing services work to get clients. The first way is pitching. Here, these writing service providers reach out to people who they do not know. These people may not even have expressed that they are looking for someone to work for them, but the writers aim at convincing them to hire them. Getting clients in this way can take much time. However, the best part about it is that you are looking for prospects that fit your budget. Therefore, even that one job the writer gets after 100 pitches can push them to unimaginable heights.

Another way independent provider of paper writing services work is reaching out to their friends and family. This is the most basic way of getting local clients. It may not get the writes many jobs as well, but it gets them a few to start with. The writers send texts to people on their contact lists, post on social media platforms like Facebook and also send emails to people. They do the jobs they get well and then ask the people who hired them to refer more people to them.

Other independent writers also work through job boards. There are many online job boards which list the jobs available at a time. The writers, therefore, check the listed jobs on the listings and apply for them. One notable thing about job boards is that there are so many people who apply for the jobs; therefore, the writers need to apply for many jobs for them to get jobs.  Some of the best job boards are ProBlogger and BloggingPro job boards.

Moreover, the independent providers of essay writing services can work by blogging. The writer creates a blog that talks about their area of online writing. The writer then researches the pain points of their clients. They then mostly write about the solutions to the pain points. The writer also talks about what potential clients are mostly talking about in different forums. The writer can also check other blogs targeted toward the same audience to get content ideas. Blogging is one of the best ways that independent writers can get the best clients.

Independent writers can also get clients through forums. The writer joins a forum that talks on business where they can ask questions answer others and inform people so that they establish their presence in forums. The writers can also advertise their services in forums that allow them to do so. Such writers also work by partnering with others. The writers form networks with other freelancers who do different online jobs. They then pass on the jobs they get their partners can do.

Advantages and disadvantages of independent providers of essay writing services

The main advantage of independent writers is that they write quality work for their customers since they want them to come back for their services in the future. They also have a less turnaround time to complete the essays for their clients. There is also direct contact between the writer and the client; therefore, the requirements of the client get met keenly. For the writers, they get clients who pay well and have no costs for websites.  The disadvantage is that it may be tough to get clients for the writers. It requires much patience from the writers, especially when starting as an independent writer.

Independent providers of essay writing services, therefore, need to be more persistent and consistent. Starting may be quite challenging, but it keeps getting better with time.

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