Alternative Full-Body Exercises

Alternative Full-Body Exercises

Alternative Full-Body Exercises

There are plenty of ways to burn calories and fat without having to go to the gym and do traditional exercises.

Martial Arts

All styles of martial arts involve a combination of movements related to kicking, punching, and jumping. Because of the diverse movement and strength needed, martial arts often require you to train your entire body. Over time, you will improve your ability to execute the moves by building strength and increasing stamina. Sprinting is often used to complement martial arts training. Because of the high-intensity style training involved, martial arts can be a great cardiovascular workout. There are different styles of martial arts like karate or Muay Thai. If you’re unsure where to begin you may consider starting with self defense training Madison Heights MI to learn the basics of using your body to protect yourself.


Dancing is another kind of whole-body workout that is also great for your heart. When it comes to getting a good workout, it’s been shown to be as effective as jogging. If you enjoy dancing, you might have so much fun doing it that you forget you’re working out. Dance can also help improve your balance and coordination with practice. You can dance in the comfort of your own home or sign up for a class and follow an instructor. Be open to learning new styles of dance like hip hop or salsa, and most importantly have fun!


Basic water aerobics and exercises that use water resistance help increase muscle mass. This is why swimming is another great full-body workout. Swimming allows your entire body to work with water resistance to help you build muscle all over. When you swim, your body can keep your heart rate up while the water minimizes any impact stress. With your heart rate increased, swimming for about 15 to 30 minutes can help burn unwanted fat. You may notice you also become more connected to your breathing while swimming different strokes.

Try any of these full-body workouts to stay fit and enjoy your workouts.

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