Derrick May Drops 9 Tips To Energize Your Exercise Again After A Long Break

Derrick May Drops 9 Tips To Energize Your Exercise Again After A Long Break

As President and CEO of Optimum Energy Partners, Derrick May is an energy expert. But that doesn’t always mean he always has enough of it.

The rigors of his position are demanding. The Dallas-based executive manages the company’s day-to-day responsibilities as it acquires, develops, and produces oil and natural gas. He balances short and long-term goals, while ensuring that all the necessary systems, resources, and employees are operating smoothly. He supervises and upholds Optimum Energy Partners’ core values. And that is just Monday.

There’s no wonder Derrick May struggles to find the time (and energy) to workout.

And he’s not alone. Although Derrick May prioritizes fitness, he admits it can be a challenge. A few busy days can snowball into a busy week or month. Before you know it, you’ve been knocked out of your exercise routine. Yet there are always ways to pull yourself out of a fitness rut.

But getting back in shape isn’t as simple as stepping back into a gym. With this in mind, Derrick May of Optimum Energy Partners outlines nine tips to help you ease back into a workout regime.

Manage expectations

Just like Rome, your physical health wasn’t built in a day. Accept that building up your fitness level requires time and commitment. Don’t let anger or frustration creep in. These can derail your motivation.

Set goals

Think S.M.A.R.T. Derrick May sets benchmarks that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-sensitive. This helps temper expectations and gives you something to work towards.

Take baby steps

Ease back into a routine. Even a short time away from the gym can undo gains. A recent study from the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine found that even a two-week break significantly reduced muscle strength and mass.

Mark your calendar

Schedule your workout time. But, most importantly, stick to it. As Derrick May points out, there will never be a “perfect time.” Find a time that works best for you.

Prep the night before

Pack your gym back the night before. Put your alarm in the opposite corner of the room. The idea is to eliminate excuses and remove potential barriers by planning ahead.

Know when to rest

Don’t expect to go 24/7. Recovery is a key part of the process. You’re creating a lifestyle change that needs to be sustainable. Rest is critical to long-term wellness goals.

Find a buddy

Partner up. Working out with a friend, co-worker, or family member can boost motivation and hold you accountable. Derrick May enjoys hockey and tennis, which also had a social element to his exercise.

Mix it up

Think outside the gym. Try taking a holistic approach to working out. Find ways to incorporate your other interests into your exercise. Like Derrick May, team sports are great ways to stay fit. If you enjoy your routine, you’re more likely to stick with it.

Derrick May Drops 9 Tips To Energize Your Exercise Again After A Long Break

Do you

Invest in you. Build an exercise routine for yourself and not anyone else. The ultimate goal is to establish healthy, meaningful habits. In addition to being more fit, exercise should boost your mental health too. You should feel more confident and happier with the choices you’re making.

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