Food and Drink for Sleep Issues

Food and Drink for Sleep Issues

Food and Drink for Sleep Issues

You might have heard a piece of age-old advice regarding eating and getting to sleep – don’t eat right before bed. This is not a worthless wisdom, but it is pretty imprecise. When you head to bed, you want to make sure that your body’s needs are satisfied to the point where you not only get the most recuperative potential out of your sleep, but also actually get to sleep in the first place! 

It is well known among nutritionists that things like being dehydrated, excessively hungry, or being in some other way nutritionally imbalanced will adversely affect your night’s sleep. Accordingly, that age-old advice about not eating before bed isn’t really accurate. There is certainly a range of food and drink (as well as many innovative health products) which can be very beneficial when consumed just before you turn out the light. But what are these things? 

What Causes Insomnia?

Before getting on to that, it is wise to look a little closer at what causes insomnia as this will educate you on precisely what bodily and nutritional issues need to be addressed before you can have an optimal night’s sleep. 

So, what causes insomnia? The disappointing answer is that… there is no one answer. There are in fact many things that could be keeping you awake. It is worth mentioning that those suffering from particular focus and concentration-related conditions, such as ADHD, are more likely to experience serious sleep issues. 

Next Level Daily, a company specializing in ADHD products, say that sufferers of ADHD should take even more care to eliminate the things that could be keeping them awake beyond the condition. A daily planner goes a long way here. 

So, what should you tick off to ensure it is not something obvious and easily fixable that is keeping you up? For one thing, you should work exercise into your day. Quite simply, tiring yourself out with exercise will help you sleep. And if you live a totally sedentary life, doing something about that could solve the problem right away. 

Another thing could be excess stress and anxiety – about work, relationships, your future, whatever. You should see what environmental factors you can change to sort these. It’s preferable to going on medication if you can cut out of your life that one thing that’s keeping you up at night. You might like to try mindfulness, life coaching, or even CBT in some more serious cases.

Food and Drink to Try Before Bed 

Fatty Fish 

It is all about the vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids here. You might have heard these contents of fatty fish being recommended for all sorts of health conditions. They are also useful for seep issues. It’s advised, however, not to have a big meal just before bed. 

Almonds and Other Nuts 

You should check if nuts will do anything to your stomach before consuming them before bed. If they do not, they are an excellent source of the sleep promoting hormone melatonin. Eating almonds – in small quantities – just before bed could be great for your sleep. 

Chamomile Tea 

There are all manner of herbal infusions and teas known to promote sleep, but chamomile certainly deserves a special mention. Chamomile can reduce inflammation (which could be keeping you up) and it can also do something about your immune health. It can also help you relax and put the stress of the day behind you. 

Whatever you go for, understanding the causes of your own insomnia is the place to start. Nevertheless, these products are all worth a shot before bedtime. At the very least, they will not keep you up.

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