How Do You Determine The Gender of a Baby?

How Do You Determine The Gender of a Baby?

How Do You Determine The Gender of a Baby?

Being pregnant with a baby is of course very exciting. There are many fun times, but there can also be difficult times. When you are pregnant, having a healthy baby is, of course, of great importance. Most people do not have a preference for a girl or a boy, but are curious about this. If you know the sex of your baby, you can start by getting certain items in the house. Nowadays, it is also quite easy to find out the gender of your child. There are several ways to find out, and some work better than others. You can have an expert do this with an ultrasound, but you can also find out at home with a peekaboo gender test. How does an ultrasound work? And how does a peekaboo gender test work? In this article, we go into detail about this, so you can find out more.

Determining gender with an ultrasound

From 16 weeks into the pregnancy, you can determine the sex of your baby with certainty. Most people do a standard ultrasound scan after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The ultrasound is performed by an ultrasound technician who mainly looks for physical abnormalities. Determining the gender is not officially one of the main goals. The ultrasound technician will ask you regularly if you want to know the gender, or if you want to keep it as a surprise. If the gender is not clearly visible, the ultrasound technician will not waste any time on this.

You can also know the gender of your baby without an ultrasound. There are a number of things that can indicate the gender of the child. These are not always reliable, but it is fun to think about them. For example, it could be that you suffer a lot from a morning mood and this means that you are having a girl.

Peekaboo gender test

Don’t want to wait for the ultrasound? Then, it is also possible to use a peekaboo gender test to determine the gender of your baby. This test can be done from 7 weeks of pregnancy and is 99.5% accurate. You even get your money back if the test is wrong, and this is for many people a comfort. You can order the peekaboo gender test on the internet and of course have it delivered to your home. With the peekaboo gender test, it mainly looks at the DNA and you can not literally see the sex.

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