Organic Foods: Know What They Are And Their Main Benefits

Organic Foods: Know What They Are And Their Main Benefits

Organic Foods: Know What They Are And Their Main Benefits

The search for a healthy, balanced and nutrient-rich diet, to reduce the appearance of diseases and ensure a good quality of life, has led to an increase in the consumption of organic foods. After all, to eat well it is not necessary to eat complicated diets and live with restrictions, but to eat in a varied, conscious way and the correct amount.

Choosing a balanced diet and investing in quality food guarantees many benefits for your health. This type of food improves the digestive system and allows the body to function properly, increases the quality of sleep, improves the appearance of the skin and hair, ensures a good mood and strengthens the immune system. You can read about Thai food delivery companies reviews on You will get to know the companies that deliver balanced diet and those that do not.

With that in mind, we have prepared this article for you to understand what organic products are, their benefits and the main differences from conventional products. Good reading!

What are organic foods?

Farm products are recognized as organic only when they go through a specific and sustainable production process, without damage to the local ecosystem. The rule applies both to foods consumed in natural – such as fruits and vegetables – and to processed products.

100% sustainable production techniques must optimize natural and socioeconomic resources. For this, it is necessary to respect the culture of rural communities, seek ecological and economic sustainability and minimize the use of non-renewable energies. It is also important that producers respect the standards that guarantee the quality of the work environment and systematize distribution and marketing methods.

Organic foods cannot have any genetic modification or use synthetic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers or ionizing radiation. Also, they must be grown in safe soil and remain separate from conventional plantations.

In the case of products of animal origin, animals must be kept free, with free access to pasture, and maintain an organic diet. They cannot consume antibiotics or any type of growth hormone.

The ultimate goal of organic food is to maintain the planet’s balance and people’s health. Fairs for this type of product or small producers are the main forms of marketing. In general, all goods are exclusively natural. It is also possible to find some options in certified online stores.

What are the main benefits of consuming them?

As everyone knows, consuming organic foods regularly helps significantly to have a healthier life. By eating these vegetables, fruits and whole grains, you will prioritize sustainability, food security and ensure better nutrition.

Below, we list some advantages of choosing the organic system over the conventional one.

Have lower toxicity index

When choosing organic foods, you will have less contact with toxic products, since the likelihood of residues from agrochemicals is practically nil. Thus, it is possible to avoid allergic and respiratory crises, overweight, hormonal disorders, neurological problems, among other diseases.

Have higher nutritional value

Due to the form of cultivation, organic foods tend to have a higher concentration of nutrients, such as phosphorus and antioxidants, than those grown by conventional methods. Another important point is that chemicals and preservatives can cause allergies.

This problem causes some people to experience symptoms and adverse reactions as a result of consuming food and drinks with small amounts of elements to which they are intolerant. For this reason, organics offer fewer health risks.

Help maintain environmental balance

Organic farming practices are better for the environment. Its processes reduce pollution (both air, water and soil), save water, increase soil fertility, reduce erosion and use less energy. Agriculture without agrochemicals is also beneficial for animals and birds in the region, as well as for people who live or work on the farms.

Are GM-free

Genetically modified organisms (also known as transgenics) are plants, animals or foods whose DNA has been altered. In this way, they are no longer produced in nature or at traditional crosses. The advantage for the producer is that they become more resistant to pests and other types of diseases.

The harms of GMOs for human health are still not precisely known. In many countries, natural cultures do not contain these organisms, where organic meats also come from animals raised on GM-free feed.

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