Quick Guide to Top Surgery

Quick Guide to Top Surgery

Quick Guide to Top Surgery

Top Surgery (also referred to as chest masculinization surgery) is a procedure in gender-affirming care where an individual’s breast tissue is removed. This is an outpatient procedure, and the recovery time is roughly two weeks. There are three different kinds of top surgery, and the recommended procedure will be based on the patient’s current breast size.

Double Incision Top Surgery

Double incision top surgery with nipple grafts is recommended for people who have larger bodies or chests. It can take anywhere from 3-4 hours to perform. During this procedure, the breast tissue is removed, and the nipples are reduced in size and repositioned onto the chest. The scarring from this procedure is typically greater than the other two kinds, and it can often result in decreased nipple sensation. Many patients will opt to visit a laser scar removal clinic Winter Park FL after this type of procedure.

Periareolar Top Surgery

Periareolar top surgery is recommended for those with smaller chests (typically an A or B cup). This version takes roughly 3-5 hours to complete. It is more common for these patients to retain their nipple sensation after recovery and have less scarring, however, 40-60% of patients will need to have a repeat procedure in order to achieve the level of chest masculinization that they desire.

Keyhole Top Surgery

Keyhole top surgery is the least common of the three types of chest masculinization surgeries, taking from 1.5-3 hours. In order to qualify for this type of surgery, a patient must have a flat chest as well as tight skin because no excess skin is removed during this procedure. Little scarring will result from this surgery, and nipple sensation will typically be retained, although there is no opportunity to reposition the nipples to a more masculine location on the chest.

There are many considerations to make while thinking about top surgery, whether a patient is thinking about what kind of procedure they want to pursue or the aftercare they need to partake in. Luckily, there is plenty of information available laying out all the options they need to consider.

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