Uncommon Plastic Surgery Procedures

Uncommon Plastic Surgery Procedures

Uncommon Plastic Surgery Procedures

When most people think about plastic surgery, they inevitably think of breast augmentations, facelifts and tummy tucks. The mommy makeover has made headlines in the past decade, but those procedures are not the only ones done by plastic surgeons. Here are a few uncommon surgeries.

Bread Back

Women can develop “bread back” that cause wearing a bra to be uncomfortable. During a North Carolina plastic surgery procedure, the back rolls are surgically removed rather than merely using liposuction to remove the fat. The back is flatter with a hidden bra-line scar. Often, patients see permanent results that outweigh the scarring caused by the procedure.

Washboard Look

Not willing to spend hours in the gym and count calories? No problem. Men and women can create a six-pack with the help of a plastic surgeon. Not only does the doctor use liposuction, but the skin is shrunk around the abdomen as well. The end result is a flat, trim six-pack you can’t wait to show off.

Gummy Smile

Patients can rid themselves of a gummy smile where the gums show when they smile. By creating small incisions into the muscles of the upper lip, the patient can have a less gummy smile in under an hour. To prevent the muscles from reconnecting, spacers are often inserted into the spaces. There is minimal downtime with this procedure.

Belly Button

No longer do you have to be stuck with an “outie.” You too can have an innie with a belly button surgery. This procedure creates a well-hidden scar when the top piece of the belly button is incised. The procedure removes the umbilical hernia which is the medical term for an outie.

Grin Lift

Tired of a sad smile? Never fear, there’s a procedure for that too. Often referred to as a grin lift, this procedure lifts the corners of the mouth that often sag with age. A few small triangular pieces of skin near the corner of the mouth are removed to remove the perpetual grumpy expression. It can create scarring.

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